Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Singin' in the Rain

Melbourne has a healthy appetite for old time musicals. In a jammed packed State Theatre punters were all after the same thing - a night of quality entertainment and, for some, a chance to reminisce. Singin’ in the Rain tickets sales have been so good an extra show is scheduled.

In a populist move, impressive dance choreography borrows heavily from the film. And why not?  Some moves are downright iconic: Rohan Browne (Don Lockwood) splashes in puddles, there’s the couch walkover in Good Morning, and comic antics in Make Em Laugh.

Evidently not all patrons were familiar with the film. In Make ‘Em Laugh Matt Lee (Cosmo Brown) stops short of a wall climbing somersault, to test the stability of the wall instead. Less than half the audience got the joke. Continue reading

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Savages by Patricia Cornelius (fortyfive downstairs)

Patricia Cornelius' latest play is all about men. Men you know. Men who are capable of unspeakable acts.

Now playing at fortyfive downstairs, this is a confronting play with important things to say. Things that some people (still) will choose to ignore.

Highly recommended, unless you need a happy ending. Read the review here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Singing in the Spring

Singing anyone?

It feels like just the time to do it!

I'm running a Sing-Up to welcome in the Spring on September 9th.

You'd be most welcome.

Book here

The Confidence Man: Taking Interactive Theatre to the Max

Every turned up to the theatre and found yourself in the cast?

The Confidence Man will take six audience members and thrust them into he midst of a sinister thriller with the help of masks and  technology.

Perhaps you will be one of the six?

Or maybe you will be one of the audience members who will be able to listen into the inner most thoughts of a character as the drama unfolds.

Find out more about The Confidence Man here.
Read Lucy's review of The Confidence Man on Weekend Notes

Crossing Contemporary Cultures Exhibition (MiFA)

Melbournians are invited to a free exhibition showcasing the work of Indonesia's eleven most prominent contemporary artists.

Housed at MiFA (Melbourne Intercultural Fine Art Gallery) in Collins Street, the Crossing Contemporary Cultures Exhibition will explore universal themes including childbirth, consumerism, identity and community through painting, sculpture, installations and new media.

Find out about it here

Ditch the War Paint for Positive Body Image

Make Up Free Me Day is a fundraising initiative for The Butterfly Foundation, and organisation bent on tacking the growing problem of eating disorders and negative body image.

It's a problem afflicting women in particular, and so on Friday 30th August women are invited to seek sponsors and go 'fresh-faced'. You're also invited to a party. Find out about it here.

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Hairspray at Ringwood Secondary College

You Can't Stop the Beat!

Ringwood Secondary College's seven show, sold-out season of Hairspray is going gang busters.

Hairspray Sold Out at Ringwood Secondary College (published by Weekend Notes)

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Miss Ophelia

Photo: Dutch Performing Arts
If I told you a finger-puppet show about a quiet old lady, presented on a set made of cardboard shoeboxes and everyday items was a hit with primary school children, I doubt you’d believe me. 

But here we have Miss Ophelia, an exquisite gift from The Netherlands.

How on earth can basic cardboard cut-outs lined with black texta translate to the stage, particularly for an audience of high-tech children? Continue reading here