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One of life's enduring pleasures is the opportunity to curl up comfortably with a great book. It is a privilege and a luxury that can last soon after birth until one's dying day, exposing us to alternative perspectives and wider worlds. All that is required is time, imagination, and access to books.

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

Well it's on again, and I'm up for it.

The Australian Women Writers Challenge seeks to confront head-on the raw deal women get in this country (and many others).  I've opted to be a 'Stella' in 2013, which means I have pledged to read at least 4 books by Australian women and review 3 of them. Reviews will appear here through the year. 

My reading list for AWWC 2013 is a work in progress. Those I have reviewed are provided with a link: 

Michelle De Kretser: Questions of Travel
Carrie Tiffany: Mateship with Birds
Patricia Cornelius: Savages (a play)
Helen Garner: The Children's Bach
Caroline Overington: I Came To Say Goodbye

Find out more about the challenge here.

Australian Women Writers Challenge, 2012
2012 Book Challenge

Miles Franklin: My Brilliant Career
Kate Grenville: The Secret River
Geraldine Brooks: Caleb's Crossing

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Ray Lawler: Summer of Our 90th Year

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