Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moonshadow Sparkles on Gloomy Melbourne Morning

This morning (Tuesday, 24th April) in a Brunswick studio, with rain pelting the roof, Melbourne’s media were invited to attend a Moonshadow appetiser. Images of set designs and sketches of costumes, not yet made were, the only backdrop, and yet a forty-strong media contingent squeezed into the space.

Moonshadow is the musical penned by former pop star Cat Stevens, now known as Yusef, which includes 35 of his universally loved songs within a fantasy narrative. It will look like it is set elsewhere, but, according to the creator, it’s really about us.

Yusef Islam, formally known as Cat Stevens
Speaking in his quiet and unassuming manner, Yusef Islam said, ‘This musical has been my baby for awhile and its about to be born here in Melbourne, and we’re really excited.’ Continue reading

Review of Opening Night (31st May, 2012)

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