Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10 Activities for Strike Day Kids

In support of the teacher's industrial action tomorrow my primary school boy will be staying home. I've been thinking about what we'll do together. So far I've decided there'll be no iPad, computer or television until the sun goes down at least. I'm also keen to use the day as an opportunity to provide some mental stimulation other than he would provide for himself. 

This is a list, not a program. I'd love to hear your ideas. Here are mine so far:

A Daily Project
My boy loves cooking, so I have a few activities planned that will not only meet that end, but be stimulating in themselves. These include reading a bus time table, calculating ingredients, writing a shopping list, choosing ingredients based on weight, type and price, buying the ingredients, making the thing (maybe rock cakes with choc chips?) and cleaning up. At the end of the day he'll have something to show for the day, but will have engaged in a range of activities. Other daily projects might be creating a vegetable patch, planning a party, or reorganising their bedroom.

Something for Someone Else
This stuff makes the world go round. Perhaps the 'something' will be an email to Grandma, teaching the dog a new trick, making a card, or visiting someone in hospital. Closer to home there are always actions we can take that surprise and delight others. The key here is that the child thinks of the 'something' themselves. It can take so little time, but make the recipient's day.

Catch a Bus
We'll have to get to the shops to buy ingredients, and tomorrow is an opportunity to catch a bus. Tonight my boy will negotiate the bus timetable and try to work out which bus we'll catch. He'll also need to allow 5 minutes to walk to the bus stop from home, and write down a couple of options for the return trip.

Pleasure Buying
Since we're going to the supermarket, we'll add some other activities. My boy has some vouchers he has yet to spend, so we'll go and have a browse and see if something takes his fancy. 

While we're at the shops we'll visit The Sales for some new trackies, so I'll get him to calculate the saving if they are 30% off, or 40% off in a couple of stores. Then we'll make our choice. Alternatively, if you travel by car, you might check the fuel price at your local petrol station. Can your child work out what it will cost for 40 litres of fuel?

I love taking my kids out for lunch because its an invaluable time for a really good chat, and with the pace of life, these one-to-one moments can be hard to come by. It's also lovely to watch them choose what they'll eat. We'll also need to keep our strength up for the next stage.

A varied skill set is required for baking, not to mention the satisfaction that comes with it. I will try to be hands-off, minimise my instructions, and let the recipe doing the talking (a big challenge for me).

While the oven is doing its thing it's a chance for a quick basketball one-on-one, or downball, bike ride, or anything really. It's been awhile since I got involved in a game like this. My son has taught our dog to play hide and seek in the garden which is always a laugh fest.

Guitar practise
My guess is we'll be tired by now, so it will be time for some overdue guitar practise, or some quiet reading. 

Watch Venus 
It's your last chance for the next 100 years to see Venus crossing the sun. Watch the celestial event on the internet together here, and find out why the event is so significant.

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