Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Summer of the 17th Doll (HTC)

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary season, the Heidelberg Theatre Company has included one of Australia’s most iconic plays, having first performed ‘The Doll’ in 1992.

Themes of respectability and tradition are explored during the seventeenth summer that Olive (Jodie Symes) has welcomed itinerant cane cutters Roo (Gavin Williams) and Barney (Dan Haberfield) for the off-season. This year Pearl (Tina Bono) replaces Nance who has married, for many weeks of revelry. But the summer doesn’t unfold as anticipated.

Costumes and props have been thoughtfully assembled with hats, gloves, 1950’s hairstyles and cigarette rolling. Continue reading 

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