Tuesday, September 18, 2012

'South Pacific' Opens in Melbourne

The red carpet was in danger of wearing out at the Melbourne opening of South Pacific last night. Patrons were greeted on Spring Street by Polynesian dancers and drummers as they entered the Princess Theatre.

Rumours abound of a cast romance, a factor that will help affect a successful box office. But this production needs no such thing to attract the hordes.
Eddie Perfect, Daniel Koek and Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Sometimes one goes to a show and decides it is worth it on the weight of one element alone. But here I find there are so many elements to recommend buying a ticket.

One patron (Robin Nevin no less) was overheard describing Teddy Tahu Rhodes’ rich sonorous voice as being ‘like thunder’. Perhaps. But I was thinking earthquakes, and yes, the earth did move for me, darling. What a presence.

Lisa McCune, greeted with spontaneous applause as she graced the stage, was astonishing as she leapt, pivoted and even cartwheeled about the stage like a spring chicken.

Eddie Perfect was. Continue reading

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