Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Sweet Charity (Ringwood Secondary College)

You’ve got to love a show that inspires teenage boys to dance. And dancing is certainly a feature of Ringwood Secondary College’s Sweet Charity, from formal suits, hats and canes, to hippie groove-moves, and marching band. Not to take anything away from the girls, who sizzled in the dance hall scenes.

Wonderful characterisation and impressive solo singing by all today's confident leads (each lead has a double) were a definite highlight. Winning over a mainly primary-school audience is a big feather in their collective cap.

With the preview performance now behind them, the cast will no doubt settle even further into their roles, applying greater gravitas to their dialogue.

After interval The Rhythm of Life, the biggest and brightest chorus number, did not disappoint with dazzlingly groovy-baby costumes, inspired dance choreography and infectious energy. Other highlights included I Love to Cry at Weddings, and Big Spender. Continue reading

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Photographer: John Nichol

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