Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: She Knows Too Much (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

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In an unapologetic pitch to middle-aged women, physical comedians, Debra Batton and Catherine Magill collaborate in an improvised duet of worldly wisdom, gossip, rage, negotiation and frustration. After strutting their stuff in recent years at The Butterfly Club, Little Shed and Dancehouse, She Knows Too Much is their debut performance at the Comedy Festival.

Everyday issues for women are brought to the fore, much of it material that will leave male audience-members feeling left out. Off they spin along their own unique tangents, fossicking about in their personal experiences for gems of knowledge, sometimes wistful, other times factual, and occasionally furious.

Teenagers, pilates, one’s ‘inner core’ and pelvic floor, song and dance, electronic culture, past success and disappointments may well be on the cards, but then this is ‘improvised theatre without formula’, so there are bound to be surprises every night. Continue reading here.
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